Solar Eclipse Waffles
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Solar Eclipse Waffle

We've got a solar eclipse fever, and the only prescription is more waffles.

Quick! What do we serve for our solar eclipse party? We didn’t even know we were having a solar eclipse party. We waited too long to get viewing glasses and we aren’t sure we trust them, anyway, which means we’ll be sticking our heads in a box or something like that. And that’s okay.

Before the eclipse, in order to celebrate the great moon erasing the sun, we’ll munch on these solar eclipse waffles. You can, too, because it’s incredibly easy.

Solar Eclipse Waffles

Step One: Make your favorite basic waffle. We used our sponge cake recipe to make it more fun/celebratory, but you could just as easily use a mix if you’re pressed for time.

Step Two: Grab a jar of Nutella and make a big ol’ Nutella circle on your waffle.

Get it? The waffle is the sun, and the Nutella is the moon. And the combination is simply stellar. We think the corners of the waffle represent the rays that peak out from behind the moon, but if you’re uncomfortable with that, simply don’t fill your square waffle spaces with batter and you’ll end up with a rounder waffle. Or, alternatively, simply nibble the edges of your own.

Enjoy! And please, be safe — you can gaze all you want at this waffle, but don’t look directly at the eclipse!

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