Muffin Waffles

Simply put, these are muffin and other quick bread recipes baked up in the waffle iron. Let’s call it a muffaffle (not to be confused with covfefe).

Actually, let’s not.

The beauty of putting muffin batter in the waffle maker is that you end up with a whole lot more of that delicious, crispy surface area, so the whole thing is basically a giant muffin top. Well, two giant muffin tops, since muffin batter seems to yield half as many four-inch Belgian waffles as it does (whole) muffins. Do you have a mini waffle maker? This recipe would be great for that (and I’m kind of jealous).

You can use just about any quick bread recipe in your waffle iron to fantastic results. The results are so fantastic, in fact, that I’m nearly inclined to ditch the muffin tins altogether. You’ll find some of the muffins and quick breads we’ve run through our waffle iron below.

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